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ClearCreek Outfitters Of OHIO....
                    Land of the Giants!

  Cell# (740) 438-8265            email: Todd Frank

* Don't Forget to watch us on Archers Choice  on the Outdoor channel .

* In 2014 we have taken 28 Trophy bucks! A new Clear Creek Record was set this year with a buck scoring 194 4/8 CONGRATS KYLE CHESLOCK


Here at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, we want your hunt to be as easily accessible as possible.  We have Utilized the  PayPal  tool to make it easier for you to pay. 

We have listed our hunts individually, so you can click on the hunt you want to buy and it will direct you to the
PayPal site.  If you do NOT have a PayPal account, that is not a problem!  You can pay with just your credit/debit card information!

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My name is Todd Frank. I own and operate ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio. My Goal for you is to deliver to you a quality hunt with quality results. I would only shoot trophy deer for myself and assume that is what you would also want. ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio is a Fair chase hunting operation. We are about Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting.  Definitely not  for the hunter who is looking to shoot small bucks.  We manage these deer to be quality sized for big Booners.  We are about the entire hunting experience, and believe that fair chase is the only way to go. I have been blessed to be able to do this business full time, and believe me, ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, is a full time operation.  This allows me the opportunity to work this business full time.  I employ two full time guides to help me achieve this.  From opening Bow  season all the way through the summer months,  we are continually working for your next hunt. We manage the deer as well as all of the food plots, year round.  Check out our video  page for some newly posted videos!! This is not just an income to my family, it is our Lifestyle  and our commitment  to you as our guest. ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio is and always will be a family run business and we all work together to make things happen. I am as passionate about these deer as I am your hunt.  I myself have been hunting this area since I was a small boy. I know these areas like the back of my hand.   

Since we have been in operation , we have taken several Pope and Young deer, as well as several Boone and Crockett!  I will do everything in my power to make sure this hunt is what you expect from us. We value every customer and relationship that we have formed through our business, and look forward to meeting those of you that we have not yet met. We generally re book 90% of our current customers here at ClearCreek, so our openings tend to be few.  As our current customer , we give you first crack at the next years booking times. That is my promise to you.   I have posted the slide show below to give you an idea of the overall atmosphere of our Place Here at 
ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio
.  We want your entire hunt here to be an overall hunting experience that includes your trophy big Buck!!  We believe in Laughing here and enjoying each others company. Make no mistake, We hunt hard here! This is Fair chase hunting we are speaking about.  No High Fences here or deer put aside for a favorite hunter.  That does not happen here.  We are all the same, and my customers get the first and best crack at anything We have. With that said, each year you hunt with us we get to know your likes and dislikes better.  That is just something that will naturally work in your advantage.  Obviously if we know more about you, we take that into consideration when we prepare for your arrival.    I also have slide shows on the other pages of the many big bucks we have taken.  But for now, this is to share the friends with you  that we have been able to enjoy these past hunting seasons.

 Be Blessed,
Todd Frank


For  Billing or any  general questions contact:
 Kayla Frank  AT:

Our overall rating according to our past clients is 9.17 on
check out who they are at:

Our program is long overdue. Why? Simply stated, there is no standard to measure business performance in the hunting industry. How do you know if you are booking with a legitimate well run outfitter? Can you separate fact from fiction when they are trying to sell you their services? Many great outfitters work hard to give you the services and experiences that you pay for. It's time to move in a different direction, one that raises the bar and arms you with the necessary information to book with an outfitter that delivers what they promise. Welcome to, the new pioneer in hunting industry ratings.


LOOK FOR US IN HARRISBURG, PA every year in February

The Frank Family with Ron Adams and Matt
At  ClearCreek Outfitters, My family is my staff!  Even my youngest daughter Paige.
She is definitely an entertainer!  One minute she may be serving you and the next challenging you to a game of cards.  Be careful, she is a card shark!  My wife, Kristen and 2 other children; Kayla and Cody are also involved in our business.  Doing the cooking, Cleaning and just taking care of all of you.   We have three full time guides( at times four) that work with us as well. We all work together as a team to make sure all of your needs are met while you are here with us .We have been told  guys Plan on gaining at least 10 lbs while they are here. You will definitely eat well

We love to be with you all. Not only is the food good, but the company is awesome.  If we may say so ourselves.  We look forward to seeing all our regulars every year.  Guys have left here without a deer and said they have never been treated so well, or felt so welcome.  I will provide anyone with references, upon request, if you wish to speak with any of our past customers. 

We are a family Run business and always will be.  We make no claims to be anything else.  We will never claim to be something we are not, but Will promise you we put forth our very best effort to give you the Hunt you deserve.  We prepare All year long for your hunt and have managed most of these properties for years.  Now is when we see that management paying off.  Our heart here at ClearCreek Outfitters of OHIO, is that you leave here satisfied with your Hunt. That is our Goal, And we Certainly hope that is what we achieve after your time here with us.

Kristen and Kayla Frank

I guess the most surprising thing that people find when they arrive at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, is first, how the terrain is so different from what they imagined.  I've included a video on different page to give you an idea. Many of our current customers have said that they have seen or killed the biggest buck right here on our properties. Ohio is the last best kept secret. We have unbelievably big bucks here and love to show them off!! I should also mention we have a very good buck to doe ratio. Not like other states.  They are managed accordingly, Year round.  We are In southeast Ohio,  tucked away between the hocking hills, (definitely practice from an elevated tree stand!!!) and the scenery is beautiful.  Most of our hunting is in Big Timber. Our guides and myself are well educated on this type of hunting, for we were all raised hunting this type of terrain!!  We have properties in Seven different southern ohio counties, so there is something for everyone.  We don't build around the cliffs,our roads go right through them!  If you hunt maily with climbers, we can accomodate you, however most of our stands are lock on  and of course we have some ground blinds . Many of our hunters end up coming back and bringing their family's to either hunt Spring turkey or camp for a weekend, here where there are cabins available in the off season for rental. They just love to be here. Of course the Big Bucks are an added bonus. Its always fun to see you again once we have already formed a relationship, whatever your excuse is!!

This is a typical view from one of our tree stands. This is why we have you practice from and elevated tree stand.


We are also offering Hunting leases now.  You would have the hunting rights to this leased property and pay for your food and lodging. Call me, we have some awesome hunting areas some a little North of here around Cambridge ( I have seen and hunted some unbelievable Turkeys here this spring) and some in Southern Ohio around Portsmouth.  I am expecting some to become available this spring, so check back with me if you are interested in a Hunting Lease.


where can we even start to explain the Last year and What changes we have made for you.  We found it important to take that step of "Faith" and Build our own Lodge.  We have completed that major task and are proud to announce it was open and operating at our New PERMANENT location this hunting season, starting in September.   Soon we will post a new slide show of that process.  :-)  . 

ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio's Lodge is Located  on our own Private property now.  We are making some exciting changes this year !!!  Check back with us for updated pictures . Whatever we end up calling it , this is where we Feed you every night and gather to fellowship and get ready for the next days Adventures. below is a typical view from any of our hunting spots at any given time. ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio is truly nestled in the most beautiful part of the State. We are in South Eastern Ohio, and have leased properties in seven different counties.  The view just gets better.  Some of my best views from stands are from hunters who have snapped pictures with their cell phones while they were actually hunting. 


view from loft into the family room

foyer up in the loft.   guys already making themselves at home

Part of dining area

partial view of family room

looking into part of dining area from family room

Looking up into the loft area

                                family room

                                      into dining area


                                                      Main dining Hall

This is where we
gather every night to eat and fellowship.

Dinner time

Josh, "CarWash", Paige and "Diner"

Dinner Time                    

I think Chris may be telling a story......Hmmmmm  ha ha

Matt and Grasshopper 



Our Guides take pride in their work, and we take pride in our Guides.We see them work so hard for you, and us, so we like to give credit where credit is due.

  Todd and Paige with her 2011 Monster buck

    Cody with His 2011 Buck

Ron Adams with his 2011

Here at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, we employ 3 full time guides.  Cody ,Todd  And Ron.    Not only do they know the lay of the land,but they are familiar with the deer habits and feeding patterns. They work on food plots and placement of stands throughout the year.

Cody, Our Son,  was raised around these properties and has been chomping at the bit, to get his chance to guide.  You could say its in his blood.  WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THE JOB HE IS DOING! He has been watching and learning all of his life, and now it is time to put all that knowledge into practice! 

When you arrive here at ClearCreek Outfitters of Ohio, We have real time information , including the trail cam pictures, to have a good idea where these deer are traveling and feeding. We do employ additional guides in the busier season.         Todd Frank 
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